x -> y where x dies and y gets their songs

January 19, 2017

If you had to kill one musical artist or band and give all their songs to another musical artist or band who would you kill and give their songs to?

To clarify, the band you ‘kill’ ceases to exist and in this new reality that the other band has written and performs all their songs. Why ask such a question? Well it’s interesting and it’s a good way to learn about new music.

Here’s what people have said to me in the format x -> y where x dies and y gets their songs.

Passion Pit -> LCD Sound System

Travis Bretzer -> Roy Orbison

Coldplay -> Matthew and the Atlas

Fleet Foxes -> Simon and Garfunkel

Beck -> Cake

JayZ -> Mos Def

The Beach Boys -> T-Rex

Radiohead -> The Flaming Lips

Mumford and Sons -> Morning Siders

Bob Dylan -> July Talk

Train -> Brian Eno

9 inch nails -> Adele

Kurt Vile -> The War on Drugs

The Black Keys -> Super Tramp