The Creative

December 01, 2015

The Creative - for as long as I have known him - has struggled with identity. The sheer volumes of banality in his environment affect him strongly. But yet, he never manufactures on demand, he cannot produce enough, and when he does he almost always hums a variation on a tune.

It is important to him that a work be authentic. That the creation, as well as the creator be genuine. Perhaps it is this that holds him back; the fundamental coupling belief that makes him certain that he is in charge.

I remember him telling me in a post show interview:

“I felt the calmest when I was fighting.” As you may have already guessed, The Creative often confuses cause with the effect. He often overthinks how he feels.

When I approached him about this he was totally nonplussed. He was failing at the fundamental responsibility: to simply accept and respond.

That interview ended suddenly when the General Manager walked into the room. I was left with my conclusion.

The Creative is a contradiction. The Creative is not common ground; he is a misnomer, invented by infrastructure.

The Creative is just a person who happened to do something interesting.